Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back to temping

Well, that was much easier to get used to again than I thought it would be. I haven't forgotten a day yet but i did have a temp spike....on days I didnt need them. It was from when I wasn't feeling so well. Its nice, forms a "M" just like my name...awww. bah.

Tomorrow my bfpb App1le3 is having her BIG US! I cant wait to hear what she's having. I'm on team blue...though of course I have nothing to base that off of. As soon as I found out she was KU I decided it was a boy! :o) So happy for her and her DH!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Okay...Lets try this again

I got very frustrated with TTC over the past couple months when I found out that I needed the lapro to get rid of my endo. I've come to realize this is ridiculous. People have lapros every day. people with endo get KU every day. DH and I are now in our 10Th cycle of ttc...we're not even in 'problem' territory yet. I also realize that it is healthy to be able to vent about my frustrations and worries...and hopefully soon, our Joy! So, back to blogging and back to temping!

My obgyn did give me a cycle study script and one for DH's S/A. We are going to do this, but maybe after surgery.

I quit charting completely for a month...and then the next month I charted CM and sex...I'm back to temping. That was very frustrating not knowing how many DPO i was.

Anyways, onto Cycle 10....thanks for coming yesterday AF....the phantom symptoms were killing me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well....the beginnings of AF. I just went to the dollar store and got a couple tests...of course i would come home and have spotting. LOL its like wearing white shorts, AF is just going to show up as soon as I get either one!

I didn't really think that I was PG...I dont really think that I can get pg (so much for positive thinking) but deep down there was hope.

I went over to the Trouble TTC board and introduced myself. I know that I'm not going thru IUI's or IVFs....but I do like that the women there have been through some of what I have been going thru.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its not fair that i am:

nauseous. i'm not fricken knocked up, so go ahead and take that symptom away. ive felt like this for 2 days now and it sucks.

come on AF, i know this is one of your shitty symptoms.

I want to test

but I know that is stupid. I have had cramps for about 24ish hours now....just hurry up AF. I dont know why I always feel that i should POAS, ya know...just in case. It never turns out to be anything except a BFN. Sometimes my eyes trick me and I see a second line, then i blink and its gone. Sucks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I dont expect to get KU or anything, but getting cramps today was still a bit heartbreaking. I have no idea what cycle day i'm on, but my last cycle started around the first of August, so i'm at day 31ish...idk. I have no hope of getting knocked up before surgery, or so I thought, until the cramps hit today.

DH and I have surgery consult on Sept 17...fuck you endometriosis. I hate you. I dont want surgery and we just want to start a family so badly. When I do get KU, I hope its with a boy, because I dont ever want my childs heart to break because of not being able to have a child....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

call me a slacker...

woops! I haven't updated at all lately!

I went to the gyno and have to have surgery for my endometriosis, so I've kind of been trying not to care too much about ttc. Been off the bump, not temping, not charting...drives me nuts. i have no idea when AF is supposed to be here. Going to schedule surgery for December. Hopefully I get ktfu before then so i don't have to have it!